20W Fiber Laser for Keyboard,Jewelry,Business Cards,Dog Tags Engraving Machine Pricefiber laser marking machine




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  Fiber Laser for Keyboard, Jewelry , Business Cards , Dos Tags , Engraving Machine Price 


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Applied to metal and some no-metal marking, such as surgical instrumentsbusiness cards, electronic components, mobile phones, clocks, auto parts, plastic keyboards, metal hardware, hardware tools, instrumentation, medical apparatus, PVC, household appliances, package, etc.



1, With the outstanding features of long-lifetime.

2, Unique design and free maintenance.The optical system uses the fully sealed structure to prevent the dust enters laser body and reduces the equipment failure rate.

3, Imported galvanometer ensure excellent beam quality and clear marking result.

4, The machine is able to preview the light path and point out the focus, which are very convenient for the materials that will be processed to be located.

5, The software own intellectual property rights. It is compatible with file formats saved by CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP and other software. It can mark autocode, sequence number, batch number, date, bar code, two-dimension code, etc.

6, Precision three dimension worktable.


Machine specifications:


Fiber laser marking machine NC-EP20

1, Laser power: 20W (20W  30W  50W Optional )

2, Laser wavelength: 10.64μm

3, Marking area: 110× 110mm

4, Marking depth: ≤ 0.5mm

5, Marking speed: ≤ 8000mm/s

6, Min Character:  0.15mm

7, Min. Line Width: 0.01mm

8, Repetition Precision: ±0.0025mm

9, Power supply: 220V /single phase /50HZ /15A

10, Consumed power: 0.5KW~0.8KW

11, Working environment: Temperature 5-28 degree, Humidity < 80% 

12, Air cooling


13, Lifetime about 100,000 hours




 Main Parts : 




 Sample photos:








Why Choose us

Why most of the customer finally choose us .after compared

1. we adopt 5 layers of the plastic film for packing the machine (inside of the wooden case have 3 layer, outside the wooden case have two layer ), effectively avoid the rust problem caused by the long term transport by sea .

2.  we have many small instruction label, so this is more easy for the end user to operate the machine and far more

safety (we are more professional in this line )

3.  Our workshop very large, can satisfy to the large quantity order and in time delivery .

4.  We have professional quality checking team, every set to the machine, have to check three times and then allowed send out .


our Perfect after sale service:

1.Friend, this kind of machine is quite mature, it seldom has problem. Now the internet is very developed, do the after sale sevice by Internet is a trend. We have 4G internet and phone, we can provide clear video anytime.

2.After the machine finish and before it shiped, we test the machine at least 3 times. And we will totally according to your machine make detailed video, and take pictures to show you how to install the machine step by step. It is easy to learn.

3.When the machine arrive, we have professional after sale person, they will guide you how to install and operate the machine step by step.


 Different Fiber laser machine for your Choice : 

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